The tennis cuff is the most pro accesory you'll ever own. Take this piece of sunshine with you everywhere you go and wear it with you any season as a remainder that summer is always somewhere and that you will forever be a beach girl at heart

Each cuff comes in different colors, so each one is a unique found treasure.

Made out of straps of lycra with multicolored stitching.

It's tight and is not adjustable but because is made of Lycra it stretches when putting it on. Size: 2-3/4" (7cms) diameter.

This garment involves several delicate and handmade processes, variations and loose threads are perfectly normal.  A Benedetta must feel unique, any variations only add value and character to your piece.


    • Color varies on each cuff, but overall colorway will be the same: Bright, colorful and beautiful.
    • Each cuff is one of a kind
    • Entirely made of 80% Nylon 20% Spandex
    • Fully Reversible
    • Multicolored stitching
    • Crochet Trim
    • DO NOT CUT LOOSE THREADS- These are the soul of the piece and should not be cut or modified.